Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bridal Showers

My Maid of Honor, Melissa, is the BEST!  She is such a sweetheart :-)

I had my Bridal Shower on May 14th.  What a fabulous day :-)  Our friend, Sharon Riley hosted it at her house across the street from us.  (Sharon is our officiant too).  Melissa thought of EVERYTHING.  We had a brunch with pinwheels, scones, mini muffins, a big fruit bowl, mimosa's, coffee, and more. . . The color theme was blue/black/white.  It was so funny because I was wearing a blue shirt with a blue/black/white skirt and I didn't know the colors in advance.  The whole thing was a surprise for me.  She had everything coordinating beautifully from plates to centerpieces, to the balloons out front that were tied to a really cute Tiffany style box weight.  She also bought me our first gift off our registry which was a coffee grinder and we LOVE it!

She contacted my friends and coordinated the whole thing.  It was so wonderful to spend the afternoon with my friends and I felt truly honored that they took the time out of their day to be with me.  My friend, Heidi, came up from White Lake.  My friend, Roxanne, came and literally showered me with gifts.  She is such a sweetheart!  She gave me a gift certificate for a whole spa day from massage through make-up lesson and more at Merle Norman.  She also gave us a fondue kit with the pot, skewers, mini-plates, and chocolate.  She gave us a delicious Maple Butter candle w/an adorable lid that has kittens playing in a basket of yarn, and more.  My friend, Donna, brought a veil for me to wear for the day.  She said her granddaughters use the veil to dress up and pretend to be brides.  I remember doing that when I was little.  One year I was in a Halloween contest and won first place because I dressed up as a "June Bride" and tossed my bouquet to the judges :-)  I remember I bought a Parisian Barbie with the part of the prize money. 

My friend, Jennifer, took pictures throughout the day and won the "How well do you know Angela" game.  The quiz consisted of 10 questions and was so much fun!  Sharon won the other game that required we not use the words bride, groom, or wedding, throughout the day.  Everyone started the day with a clothespin clipped to their shirt.  If they said any of those words someone could steal their pin.  The person with the most clothes pin at the end of the shower won.  Melissa gave Sharon and Jennifer both Yankee Candles for winning.  It was great to see my friends Pam, Kali, and Christina there too!  We received lots of Home Depot gift cards too which will be great for helping us get the bathroom installed on our first floor.  Christina gave us a Late Harvest Riesling from Traverse City and adorable magnetic photo frame.  It is so cute with the bright yellow metal stand and Mr. & Mrs. magnets that attach to it.  The whole day was so much fun!  I felt honored and loved :-)

After the Shower Melissa, JJ, and I went to pick out the ceremony music with the musicians in Belleville, MI.  It was a beautiful end to a perfect day. . .

Soon to be Mrs. Roth

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So much going on. . . lots of DIY

I'm so excited I just can't seem to sleep again.  I can't believe it is only 52 days until I become Mrs. Roth :-)  We have been so busy!  We finished all the invitations and got them mailed out about 2 weeks ago and have been getting the rsvps which makes checking the mail fun.  Each invitation took us 21 minutes to make, plus all of the days and days of planning and creation to get the layout and design right before we went to production.  The results were well worth it.  I would love to have a business where we put together kits to help people do there own DIY invitations. 

We also finished making the custom match boxes.  I made my own shoes.  I bought silver strappy shoes that I thought I could enhance with bling.  JJ and I were in Joann's a few days later and he saw some stones hanging up that he said would be perfect for the shoes and they were!  I brought the package home and got to work.  Just like my jewelry line, The Alexander Collection, I made sure to have something intriguing to look at from every angle.  Even the inside on the heel, under the shoe has detailing with the diamonds.  I had to go back to pick up another package of stones to do the other shoe and they are perfect for my dress and my style :-)  I love them and love that they are one of a kind.  I have tied over 300 little silver rings with black satin ribbon.  Tying them together to use on the programs to give some extra texture and interest to the program as well as for something else that will be a surprise at the reception :-) 

I went to my first cake decorating class tonight too.  I am taking a class in fondant so I can do a specialty cake in front of the main cake. . . I've done cakes forever and almost everything I know I learned from my mom.  I am excited to take my first "official Wilton class" lol. . . I am looking forward to making the cake with my mom. . . Now, I just need to figure out how to make a champagne colored frosting. . . hmmmm

I am going for my 2nd dress fitting on Friday and will be taking the crinoline and corset to this one. Trying to work out before it so I can lose a couple more pounds :-)  Next up will be working on writing my vows for the wedding and figuring out the ceremony details :-)

Finally, tired enough to sleep. . . Have a good night everyone and sweet dreams. . .

Soon to be Mrs. Roth

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Picked up my dress and getting registered

I met my Maid of Honor, Melissa, in Troy, MI to pick up my wedding dress yesterday at Demetrios. . . Yay! I love it so much! When I tried it on in Phoenix I think I was shocked because it was so big on me, but I love it just as much as the first time I tried it on. . . I will take it to get it altered this week. So very, very excited. The consultant showed Melissa how to lace the corset and demonstrated a couple of bustle options. I practiced walking in it (definitely needed to practice since the train is so long).

JJ drove me to Troy (no he didn't go into the bridal salon, he doesn't get to see the dress until the wedding now. . . even though he was there when I picked it out in Dec. 2009) and we went to Macy's and started our registry. The people there were so nice. JJ and I had prepared ahead of time creating a list of what we would like/need for our house and deciding on a quantity of items. That helped a lot when we were looking around because we kept coming back to our list. It's kind of interesting the emotions that I go through in looking for our registry items because it feels weird to look for things that other people may buy us. I wish I could make it all be on sale when our guests are shopping for us. It was so nice doing it together with JJ. We will need to go back again. It's amazing how much time it takes when carefully planning what will go together to make our house designed with what we both love. . . lol

We also started our registry at Target a couple days ago. We will also be registering at soon. It is kind of exciting because there are some things I have really wanted for a long time, but we haven't purchased. . . Like shelving, stemware, and flatware. . .

We will be going to a food tasting today in Frankenmuth with Sullivan's. . .

Soon to be Mrs. Roth

Friday, March 18, 2011

Full Speed Ahead

The wedding plans are coming full speed ahead now. . . This was a very busy week. The last bridal show I tried to go to was actually cancelled, but I had a great time anyway with my friend Heidi. We toured around Brighton and I learned about ice carving. I had never heard that term before, but that was a huge industry that helped form the city of Brighton. Fascinating! Then, on Friday, March 4th we hired a wedding coordinator. Brittany Merry from Merry Events has been a wonderful help. I thought I mainly wanted her help for the day of the wedding and the week leading up to the wedding, but she has been wonderful with resources and ideas too. Then, I went to a cake tasting with my friend Kali at Tasty Layers on the 6th. I always love hanging out with good friends and the cake just sweetened the day. They gave us several flavors of cake and had two trays full of filling choices for us to try with the cakes. Mmmmm it was so good. I came home and had to Wii Fit for about 2 hours to work off the calories. . .lol

Then on Saturday, March 12th we went to Melissa's house to go over all the latest wedding plans and show her ideas I had for her MOH dress. We are so lucky to have her as a friend. On Monday she emailed me a picture of a beautiful dress that she said she loved. I love it too. . . We'll keep our fingers crossed when she tries it on that she still loves it. On Monday, I went to get my hair cut and found out my stylist, Nicole, doesn't do updo's anymore so she referred me to another stylist there who does. She recommended Jenny or Jeanna (both of whom I know through the fashion show). Monday I also ordered the rest of the stationary and envelopes we need to make the invitations.

Tuesday we met with the wedding coordinator, Brittany Merry, from Merry Events, and gave her the deposit and she was with us to meet the bartender from Davis Entertainment. We all met at our venue and went over some of the logistics for the wedding. We tried to go into the banquet hall to see about reserving the board room for rentals, but the banquet coordinator was not available so we will do that next week. Oh, and earlier in the day we went to speak with event designer, Elizabeth Brady Marasco from Brady Events. She said we were pretty much on track and loved some of our unique ideas. She is such a sweet person. Even though we are not using her, we would definitely recommend her. Wednesday I went with my friend Jennifer to a cake tasting at Bella Birches and the cake there was sooooo good. We sampled Vanilla Bean cake with butter cream, Dark Chocolate with raspberry filling, and Pink Champagne with whipped frosting. They even make a cotton candy cake that I think would be perfect for a bridal shower. I didn't try the cotton candy, but it sounds so good. . . Then today, Thursday, we went to the Holiday Inn Express to tour their rooms and reserve a block of rooms for our out-of-town guests. There King Executive rooms and Jacuzzi rooms were great. The whole hotel smelled very clean and they offered one of their small banquet rooms to us for prep work we need to do the day before the wedding. And, our stationary arrived so we picked it up today too. Hopefully, tomorrow we will begin working on creating the rest of the invites. So much to do it is amazing how much work goes into a wedding. . . But, I am loving it. . .

Love, Soon to be Mrs. Roth

Saturday, March 5, 2011


JJ and I have figured out our invitation layout. Yay :-) Last year we had looked through lots and lots of wedding invitation books not finding anything that really struck as a "perfect". I met with an event designer, to plan a different party and she had beautiful handmade invitations that captivated me. However, she lost me a little when she said she charged $10+ per invite. So JJ and I tucked the information away and let our brains work for a while. Wednesday night we started playing around folding paper in different methods... Then, it was too funny, at the same time we said, "Hey I know" and showed each other our paper. We both had the same, slightly unusual folds to our paper and excitement in our eyes. This is it!

The invitations will consist of buying, folding, and cutting the paper, using embossing plates in 3 areas on each card, a little glue, some ribbon, and more.... The result? You will have to wait to see :-)

The "Save The Dates" took us about 8 minutes per invite and 3 minutes per envelope...The invitations? No idea yet, but it's a much bigger process. Let me know what you think when you get them :-) All I can say is it's a very good thing I have such an amazing man willing to do all this with me! I couldn't do it on my own, but that's kind of how we are through life, we complement each other. Where I am weak he excels and vice versa. I am thankful everyday for the love we have. I laugh more and more everyday as I notice myself pick up some of his habits and phrases too. I am so thankful to be his bride :-)

Love, Soon to be Mrs. Roth

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How I knew my dress was "The One"

I had tried on over 100 dresses in Michigan then flew out to Scottsdale and tried on a couple at Demetrios. . . The consultant brought in a dress from the back that had just arrived, on the hanger I didn't think it was what I was looking for, but I tried it on and instantly knew :-) It took my breath away as she was lacing up the corset. . . I was so excited and went out of the dressing room to show my mom and fiance. . . Both of their mouths dropped open and it took them a minute to speak. . . I said "I think this is the one" My mom said it looked like it was made for me the day I was born. My fiance finally could speak and said how gorgeous I look in it. . .

The funny thing is he and my mom had started playing around with the tissues when I was putting that one on, and we actually needed them with that dress :-) It is a huge beautiful Demetrios sparkle tulle ballgown with Swarovski crystals and pearls and hand embroidery throughout the whole thing. . . It had a cathedral train and we added an extra yard of fabric to it :-) I am flying back to Scottsdale tomorrow to go pick it up. . .

Here's the rest of the story :-)

When we first flew out to Scottsdale I had a feeling I would find The Dress at Destiny's Bridal. I made the appointment and was SOOOOO excited... We talked to the consultant, described what I was looking for and she said, "I know exactly what you are looking for. And, we have nothing like it." Thankfully, she followed with this, "They will have exactly what you are looking for at Brides by Demetios, which is right down the street." We went to Demetrios and they did have EXACTLY what I was looking for.

We put down a hold order on the dress on December 23, 2009 but didn't actually pay the full deposit to have them order it. My mom and I went to a Bridal Show on Jan. 9th (The largest Bridal Show in the Nation). At the Bridal Show we received copies of "The Knot" magazine. My mom called me a couple days later because she saw "my dress" was a full page ad in the magazine! The day before we went back to the store to actually pay the rest of the deposit and place the order I was looking at the magazine pic and comparing it to the pics we took in the store I realized it was just a little different. At the store I asked if I could see the one in the magazine. The consultant said the magazine dress just arrived a week prior and she thought about me instantly when they pulled it out.

I really thought there was no way I could love another dress more than the one I had already picked out. . . But, OMG I DID!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe how much I love it :-) My mom said the first one looks like me as a little girl, and the second one looks like me all grown up. . . LOL. . . I can't wait to go pick it up next week. . . I can't wait to walk down the aisle to my future husband on June 11th, 2011.

Soon to be Mrs. Roth

Monday, December 6, 2010

Save The Dates

Our Save the Dates are on the way :-) On November 30th, 2010 we mailed our first Save the Dates to our family. Then on December 1st, 2010 we sent out the rest to our out-of-town guests. We will be mailing Save the Dates to our friends on this side of the country in the coming weeks.

There is so much to do and I am thouroughly enjoying the entire process. JJ and I are doing the "Seasons of Our Engagement" Portrait Sessions. So far we did our first engagement session in the winter 2010 in Phoenix, AZ at the Anthem Park by the water.
We did our Summer engagement session in Flint, MI in August 2010. This shoot lasted a little over 3 hours and we have tons of pictures from it. . . About 766 pictures actually. . . We did the shoot Downtown, By the River, near the First Street Lofts, and at For Mar Nature Preserve. Our incredible photographer, Jennifer Walker is also one of my closest friends. We are both so thankful to her for her fabulous work. Also, super excited that my fiance, JJ, is so talented and can do the editing.

So, for our Autumn Engagement Session we went to Stepping Stone Falls. The scenery and backdrops are gorgeous and the Falls are just breathtaking. I am always so amazed at the beauty throughout Flint, MI and Genesee County. I really can't wait to show it off to all of our friends and family from out of state. I feel so lucky to have stumbled across such a great place and happy we have made our home here. . . Now, I just need to figure out where to do our Spring engagement session. . . And, after that we will be married :-)

It is amazing to me that JJ and I just celebrated the 13th anniversary of our first date on Nov. 27th, 2010.