Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bridal Showers

My Maid of Honor, Melissa, is the BEST!  She is such a sweetheart :-)

I had my Bridal Shower on May 14th.  What a fabulous day :-)  Our friend, Sharon Riley hosted it at her house across the street from us.  (Sharon is our officiant too).  Melissa thought of EVERYTHING.  We had a brunch with pinwheels, scones, mini muffins, a big fruit bowl, mimosa's, coffee, and more. . . The color theme was blue/black/white.  It was so funny because I was wearing a blue shirt with a blue/black/white skirt and I didn't know the colors in advance.  The whole thing was a surprise for me.  She had everything coordinating beautifully from plates to centerpieces, to the balloons out front that were tied to a really cute Tiffany style box weight.  She also bought me our first gift off our registry which was a coffee grinder and we LOVE it!

She contacted my friends and coordinated the whole thing.  It was so wonderful to spend the afternoon with my friends and I felt truly honored that they took the time out of their day to be with me.  My friend, Heidi, came up from White Lake.  My friend, Roxanne, came and literally showered me with gifts.  She is such a sweetheart!  She gave me a gift certificate for a whole spa day from massage through make-up lesson and more at Merle Norman.  She also gave us a fondue kit with the pot, skewers, mini-plates, and chocolate.  She gave us a delicious Maple Butter candle w/an adorable lid that has kittens playing in a basket of yarn, and more.  My friend, Donna, brought a veil for me to wear for the day.  She said her granddaughters use the veil to dress up and pretend to be brides.  I remember doing that when I was little.  One year I was in a Halloween contest and won first place because I dressed up as a "June Bride" and tossed my bouquet to the judges :-)  I remember I bought a Parisian Barbie with the part of the prize money. 

My friend, Jennifer, took pictures throughout the day and won the "How well do you know Angela" game.  The quiz consisted of 10 questions and was so much fun!  Sharon won the other game that required we not use the words bride, groom, or wedding, throughout the day.  Everyone started the day with a clothespin clipped to their shirt.  If they said any of those words someone could steal their pin.  The person with the most clothes pin at the end of the shower won.  Melissa gave Sharon and Jennifer both Yankee Candles for winning.  It was great to see my friends Pam, Kali, and Christina there too!  We received lots of Home Depot gift cards too which will be great for helping us get the bathroom installed on our first floor.  Christina gave us a Late Harvest Riesling from Traverse City and adorable magnetic photo frame.  It is so cute with the bright yellow metal stand and Mr. & Mrs. magnets that attach to it.  The whole day was so much fun!  I felt honored and loved :-)

After the Shower Melissa, JJ, and I went to pick out the ceremony music with the musicians in Belleville, MI.  It was a beautiful end to a perfect day. . .

Soon to be Mrs. Roth

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